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Who invented the ‘Sandwich’?

Creator of the 'Sandwich'

The modern day Sandwich that contains a filling of your choice that is placed between 2 pieces of bread & is enjoyed by billions of people around the world is named after British born John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich which is a town in Kent here in the United Kingdom.

It is said that Lord Sandwich was very fond of gambling & spent endless hours playing cards often not stopping & taking the time to have a meal during his long hours of playing cards.
He wanted something to eat that allowed him to continue playing cards without using a fork & without getting his cards greasy from eating meat with his bare hands. Lord Sandwich came up with a solution, he asked his valet to bring him meat tucked between 2 slices of bread. He became very fond of this form of food. This habit became well known among his gambling friends & started asking for “The same as Sandwich” later calling it just “Sandwich”.  

Fun Facts:

* Lord Sandwich was a great supporter & funder of Captain Cook. To honour Lord Sandwich Captain Cook named islands after him. This including Sandwich Islands which is now known as Hawaii. 

* Before being known as a Sandwich it was simply known as “bread & meat” or “bread & cheese”.

* First Recorded Sandwich was by the famous Rabbi Hillel the Elder who lived during the 1st Century BC.

* Sandwiches were first considered as a restaurant affair.

* In the 6th – 16th Century people used bread as a plate

* The Sandwich was first introduced to America by Eliza Leslie in her cookbook ‘Directions for Cookery in its Various Branches’, where she has a recipe for Ham Sandwiches

*Sandwiches became popular in America when bakeries started selling pre-sliced bread in the late 1920s & early 1930s. This made sandwich making very easy to create & a portable meal for workers & school children.

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