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"Something Quintessentially Unique & Just That Little Bit Different".


Baking Basics: Meringue Kisses

These Vanilla Meringue Kisses are a perfect for adding to your cakes, cupcakes, ice creams & much more or you could pack them up in little bags as gifts for your friends & family or of course eat them yourself, they are delicious after all!

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Baking Basics: Vanilla Cupcakes

These naked fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes are a perfect base for any type of icing, or sprinkle some icing sugar on top & eat them just how they are. Yum Yum!

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How old is the concept of Tea?

“Tea” is often thought of as being quintessentially British.

Well, we have been drinking it for over 350 years. But in fact the history of tea goes back much further….

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‘High’ does not always mean Elegance & Luxury

The term ‘High Tea’ is frequently misused and mistaken as ‘Afternoon Tea’. Hotels and the likes are becoming more aware of the true meaning & differences between ‘Afternoon Tea’ & ‘High Tea’
Let us help clarify this for you today…

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Who invented the ‘Sandwich’?

The modern day Sandwich that contains a filling of your choice that is placed between 2 pieces of bread & is enjoyed by billions of people around the world is named after British born…

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What is a Tea Dance?

History of the Tea Dance.
Tea Dances were the perfect compliment to go with Afternoon Tea. They became increasingly popular for the young in the beginning of the 20th of century.

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Welcome to Wickstead’s

What is Wickstead’s?
Wickstead’s is a family run business based in East Sussex, United Kingdom. We are always looking to create or find something quintessentially unique & just that little bit different, from antique & vintage to modern, hand crafted & hand made.

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